Social Innovation: Design to Enterprise
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SIDE is a project that proposes to equip youth workers and adult educators with knowledge and skills to pass information to young people, offering them guidance to start small projects in their communities. The project focuses on 3 dimensions: Social Innovation, Professional and Personal Development, Project Management. Project covers covers inclusive education, making the activities in the project available to other groups of young people and interested parties, in order to follow high-quality content in each of the three topics tackled.

Why this?

Implementing this project provides the partners with a greater level of ability to engage with the addressed themes and further improve their collaboration and partnership in the field of Social Innovation that pushes forward: organisations, communities, and young people. It also brings up the connection between social innovation and project management. management – personal and professional growth – all of which have a profound influence on one another and are required for the a road plan for achieving sustainability objectives, SDGs, youth goals, and strategy.


Practical Lessons

5 days of activity with 8 participants (2/country),12 sessions of 1,5h.


Offline Lectures

20h of activities live or online on each training activity topic.

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