Our Way

Efektas was created as a catalyst and environment to influence people to continuous everyday growth.

Our Values

Culture of growth

It’s hard to pass on something that You don’t have, right? We also think it makes perfect sense, and for this reason, we read, listen, watch, experience, test, reflect, and share our lessons 24/7.

Congruent Results

Have You heard the phrase “walk the talk”? We did, and we take it very seriously. In order to deliver our promise and provide effective results, we test our materials, and then we say, “Yes, it does work!”.

Ambition to Succeed

We want to be successful. And we are not hiding it. In fact, we understand that the nature of success is helping each other, and besides, it is much more pleasant to be successful when we are at the top together.

Show Up Every day!

We are not where we are because we were lucky or happened to be in the right place at the right time. We are here because we show up every day and do what we have always done: our best.

We are the best at it!

It doesn‘t matter where is your focus – we‘ve been there, we‘ve tested it, we know it works!

We’ve been there before!

Tested it &
we know it works!

Our Expertise

Our Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO

Is a typical Lithuanian guy. Yet due to his challenge to be accepted in teenage years, he developed curiosity for communication and dedicated himself to master anything even remotely close to ability express and communicate better. Later this ambition turned into service to others and since then it went on.

Our Team

Creative, skilled, and passionate team of project designers delivering exceptional results.

Asta Kondrakeviciute

Project Designer

Suat Aksu

Project Designer

Mahmud Mustafayev

Project Designer

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