Work with us

From team builders and problem solvers to creative thinkers and transformational visionaries, our people are the drivers behind our business.
Our impact-driven teams are made up of inquisitive and bright individuals who each day work side-by-side, out-thinking challenges, and launching breakthrough ideas.
Whether a recent graduate or experienced professional, you will work with top leadership minds, and create resources that transform the way our customers and partners confront the challenges facing their organization, industry, and society

Business Development Internship

Brainstorm and implement business ideas, explore market, analyze competitors, find that perfect customer and expand business portfolios.

Speaker / Trainer / Facilitator

Conducting workshops, seminars, lectures, training courses, preparing and researching best tools and information, passion to share.

Digital Content Creation Internship

Passion to write, create, brainstorm, share ideas with followers, learn and help others to learn, utilize critical thinking, ability to express in logical. 

Graphic Design

Working on multiple projects or one specific, harness your creativity, conceptualize, draft, learn about marketing, promotion, branding strategies and much more.

EU Project Designer Internship

Researching best practices and solutions, drafting your unique ideas, implementing them, liaising with partners in Europe and beyond, traveling, learning and teaching others.

Event Coordinator Internship

Organizing events, managing stakeholders, scheduling and delegating work with people, helping them to achieve what they want in most effective way.