Raise Your Voice

Strategic Partnership in Adult Education
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“Raise Your Voice” is a Strategic Partnership that supports innovation in the area of adult education, with the goal of investigating the possibilities of public speaking in response to a changing society in which the bulk of interactions and commercial agreements are conducted online rather than in person. This is to assist young people in the process of personal and professional growth by improving advanced communication and entrepreneurial skills, with a particular emphasis on public speaking abilities. This will be done by developing an innovative methodology for passing non-formal skills in the adult education field of advanced communication and entrepreneurial expertise. The methodology will be built on the foundation of Non-Formal Education and a competence-based approach to the development and consolidation of newly learned abilities.

Why this?

The financial and economic crisis has led to a record number of NEETs, raising fears among policymakers that a generation of young people in the EU may be unable to find work for years. According to statistics from 2018, the EU-28’s NEET rate was 16.5% for adults aged 20 to 34. (Eurostat, 2018). Italy has the highest rate in Europe with 28.9%, followed by Greece (26.8%) and Bulgaria (20.6%). Romania has a 20.6% share, whereas Lithuania has 12.7%. From an economic viewpoint, these numbers highlight a fundamental issue: young individuals in Europe are struggling to find stable work opportunities. The COVID-19 epidemic has exacerbated the situation for young people, increasing unemployment to 17.8% in the EU, despite the already high percentage of young NEETs. Project is Co-funded by European Commission


Practical Lessons

– Knowledge about Public Speaking and its application in Entrepreneurial Fields; – Background information on the educational needs and socio-economical exclusion issues; – Soft skills, transversal skills and competencies related to Public Speaking; – Innovatively co-designed methodologies addressed to decreed target groups; – Good practices of public speaking enhancement and entrepreneurial approach; – The role of educators in supporting co-creation dynamics within a group; – Development of autonomous tools of education in Public Speaking skill development;


Offline Lectures

The mobility will provide adult educators new tools and methodologies to be used with young adults to develop their skills regarding public speaking within entrepreneurial contexts.

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