Entrepreneurship’s FUTURE is green and digital


Project aims at developing green and digital competences to youth workers and youth (especially NEETs, unemployed, low-skilled) in order to increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, but also their employability changes. Through this project we will be creating educational and training activities to target the development of green, digital and entrepreneurial skills, with a special focus on the innovative solutions for creating sustainable and environmentally friendly enterprises.

Why this?

Project develops the following results: – Entrepreneurial coaching platform – “Green & digital solutions for entrepreneurs”, which will contain 10 modules (e-book, audio-book, video tutorials, interactive presentations) and will generate certificates for the users completing the coaching course. The course will be available in 6 languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Greek and Lithuanian) – Green and Digital Business plans Toolkit (based on the European Framework: Entrecomp, Greencomp and Digicomp). The toolkit will contain 12 activities according to each area of competence of EntreComp, GreenComp and Digcomp – Training course – Local training activities


Practical Lessons

Importance of digital and green skills in entrepreneurship / Information and Data Literacy / Communication and Collaboration / Digital Content Creation / Safety and Security / Problem Solving / Embodying Sustainability Values / Embracing Complexity in Sustainability / Envisioning Sustainable Future / Acting for Sustainability


Offline Lectures

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