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The project was created to address skill mismatch, work happiness, and the visibility of young professionals, as well as to enhance career prospects for youngsters. BAM recommends the development of educational resources that encourage adolescent labor-force involvement and professional development in order to obtain skills, integrate, and become more recognised and competitive in the labour market. The initiative will work to boost the profiles of professionals working in this field by raising awareness of the need of developing career pathways from an early age.


Why this?

The issue of skill mismatch and inability to enter desired professional paths is becoming a motivation for young people to drop out of school, abandon present jobs, and make other choices to participate in passive civic life. Successful career developers and most sought-after experts, on the other hand, often emphasise the importance of adequate methods and skills to boost personal profile as an expert in the area, attracting relevant chances and creating better satisfaction and self-esteem.

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