Stress can be managed

It is hard to admit, but quite often emotions takes over in our decision making and in behaving, therefore, it is common, and now accepted as a norm, to feel overwhelmed with stress in personal life and work: deadlines, challenging tasks, fear of mistakes, anxiety to be left behind, avoidance of confrontation and fear to be alone at the end. These are only few starting points for depression, frustration, anger and contempt. Fortunately, we are able to manage our states very well (for some period of time), but that doesn’t last and, therefore, punching pillow is only training aggression in you. Our trainers know, that with a proper knowledge person gain control over his high and low states. Daily tasks, that were stressful earlier, will be accomplished faster and more effectively. In this training course, participants will get chance to know themselves better, gain deeper understanding of emotions and practice to deal with past stresses just as to manage future dangers.

This training course is highly interactive and participatory. Its methodology includes formal and non-formal education methods, presentations, group and individual work, discussions, simulations, case studies, role-playing, reflection sessions and learning by practice.


This training course is both: universal (in terms of audience) and focused (in terms of depth of topic). This is due to aim to train participants to deal with variety of spontaneous or expected situations where stress and emotional instability in encountered. During the program learners will have chance not only solve their personal issues, gain self-control, but, also, understand the theory inner and interpersonal communication dynamic as well as how conflict occur. Additionally, tools and methods introduced during the program can be easily replicated by the participants for other audiences.

Participants will be awarded with the certificate and attachment proving their participation, gained competences, program modules, length and accreditation.

If partners involved, participants will receive additional certificates accordingly.