Persuasion masterclass

Influential communication is extremely powerful skill, especially, when it comes to business. Whether it is sales, negotiation, debates, or conversation on the phone – there are always subtle words, tonality or gesture, that influence people without noticing it. To know these elements and use it effectively is a huge advantage. This unique masterclass was developed and contains exclusive material and most effective methods to teach participants to influence others using verbal and non-verbal communication ways. The reason, why so many business leaders, politicians, CEOs sign up for such type of training is awareness of importance of these skills and that they are inevitable in order to maintain status, control and convince their audiences.

This training course is highly interactive and participatory. Its methodology includes formal and non-formal education methods, presentations, group and individual work, discussions, simulations, case studies, role-playing, reflection sessions and learning by practice.

Persuasion masterclass is unique in the way it is designed i.e. course material grasps different levels of communication including verbal and non-verbal aspects. In course participants will also analyse subliminal communication patterns and will build their skills and competences by practicing persuasion in the safe environment with their peers, just as, in real life situations. After this program participants will have strong basis of understanding power and influence games that is played upon many of us. Moreover, developed skillset will be useful not only in work environment, but also in other life areas. Additionally, all participants will be awarded with the certificates and gain access to the private mentorship program for further personal development.

Participants will be awarded with the certificate and attachment proving their participation, gained competences, program modules, length and accreditation.

If partners involved, participants will receive additional certificates accordingly.