Creative thinking

Creativity highly demanded, though, how to really foster or harness it knows only few. Creative thinking is a skill that has to be developed over time and practiced to sustain it. In this training course each module incorporates both the current theory of creativity in psychology and cognitive science, and its application for teachers of all subjects through innovative teaching methods. The course provides a platform for development of teaching materials and tools as well as for discussions, reflection and feedback.

This training course was design specifically to improve participants creative thinking skills, foster imagination, teach new brainstorming, problem solving methods, share experiences and ideas. Acquired knowledge is useful and can be implemented in business, work and even in every-day life. Participants will not only understand theoretical mechanics of creativity processes, but also practice methods and techniques during the program.

Participants will be awarded with the certificate and attachment proving their participation, gained competences, program modules, length and accreditation.

If partners involved, participants will receive additional certificates accordingly.