Complete public speaking course

Imagine having the confidence of knowing that you are going to deliver a fantastic speech, every time you have to stand up and present. Your confidence will come from something real: you will have highly specific skills and habits that will enable you to look confident and poised in every presentation. You will be understood. Your audience members will remember your key points. And that will enable your audience to take the actions you want. After taking this course, your biggest fear in life will be going a day without giving a presentation or speech.

This program is designed for people who really want to improve their speaking, presentation, non-verbal communication and leadership skills. During the course participants will be introduced with tested and most effective techniques to grab attention of the audience and maintain it until the very end of the speech will learn the art of storytelling and, therefore, will create their own stories. Trainer specially focuses on spontaneous speeches and personal breakthroughs of participants.

Participants will be awarded with the certificate and attachment proving their participation, gained competences, program modules, length and accreditation.

If partners involved, participants will receive additional certificates accordingly.