Every person has his own definition of ‘Consultancy’ (or advisory), so let us clarify what it is for us and what we do when we consult you.

First of all, it is dialogue between the customer and the consultant and, although we value eye-to-eye contact, sometimes it is problematic to reach each other. For this, we work via various communication channels as long as it is acceptable for both sides. Normal consultation session ranges 1-2 hours, yet, from time to time to ‘dig a gold’ process may require some more time. On the other hand, we appreciate your time thus primarily we aim to bring results in the shortest time possible.

Our approach

Some situations may demand for coaching approach, other – yearn for mentorship path, third – require neuro-linguistic methodology. Despite the profile of your challenge or preferred improvement in yourself, your team or organization, all of above mentioned approaches are profoundly effective and deliver sustainable results.

Why consulting

Experience proved that one-to-one or one-to-group sessions are most beneficial for those who have unique challenges and want to solve them in most effective way in the shortest amount of time. It is also useful, because we are able to fully focus on the task, analyse it and offer best possible tailored solution for you.

If you feel like there is something we can help you or you are not sure yet – feel free to leave us a message so we could discuss it together.