About Us

Efektas Group is a worldwide organization established exclusively for personal, professional and corporate development.

With the headquarters in Lithuania and offices in Italy and Spain, we provide high quality training and education services to individuals and organizations. Working in the fields of Erasmus+, education and business allow us to combine unique knowledge and experience in order to offer most effective training and the best services for our clients fueled with innovation, creativity and enthusiasm. We deliver a rich learning experience that cannot be achieved in huge auditoriums. Efektas Group do the very best for you to achieve personal excellence. For this reason our team and professionals working with us are ready to provide most suitable and flexible solutions for those, who wish to grow individually or as a team.

Our mission

The mission of the Efektas Group is “To inspire continuous and never-ending development using most effective ways for the benefit of society worldwide.

We do this through constantly pushing the boundaries, offering the highest quality of resources to our family of students and post graduate community.

Working with Efektas Group means finding a hub of intellectual excellence integrated with the real-world application. This means you can immediately put your knowledge to work and see results. While working with us, you will enjoy an environment of innovative learning, the presence of the company of like-minded people dedicated to growing together. You will feel friendliness and positive attitude in every moment with us and this is why many of our friends instantly become a member of a community committed to personal and professional excellence. We strive to bring the best for our clients and partners because they are part our family circle.

When you attend an Efektas Group course, you will be welcomed into our home and treated as our guest. The difference is, you will experience a far deeper and more profound learning experience than if you took a course in a cramped and noisy hotel and other venues that most other companies use. Our activities are designed using most effective non-formal education and neuroscience (NLP) principles. To guarantee continuous learning we stay in touch with you through alumni program masterclasses.

Efektas Group is a place where people, teams, and businesses grow, connect with others, discover new opportunities, develop their resourcefulness and enjoy the effect of results. For this reason, we love what we do and we do what we love.

Efektas Group operates through activities:

  • Training courses for personal and professional development;
  • Development programs for organizations and businesses;
  • Organizing Erasmus+ mobility experiences;
  • Providing Coaching and NLP sessions;
  • Consulting for maximum results in business and life;
  • Joining community enriching initiatives and events;
  • Being active in different local and international levels.

The brand name “Efektas” in the original language meaning ‘effect’ communicates value and difference that our team brings to its customer and stakeholders. Just like a wave in the water the farther you go with us – the bigger and wider you become. Commitment to create valueflexibilitycreativity and continuous development are main pillars of our philosophy and factors for the success of our organization. This is what makes us uniquereliable and effective.

We believe and build our philosophy based on “win-win” principle – it is a key factor for business growth and sustainable relationships that we established with partners and customers.

Moments To Be Remembered

We are active in local and international communities. To work with youth and adults, students, educators, non-governmental and business organizations is something that drives us to be better every day.