Women Involvement in Entrepreneurship

Explore the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and the unique business models they adopt. Discover how projects like YouGo empower craftswomen to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and learn about the societal factors that influence women's involvement in entrepreneurship. Gain insights into the changing landscape of women-led businesses and the potential for a more supportive and inclusive business world.

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Brand Me Project Inisights

BAM project empowers young individuals by teaching them personal branding skills. This project identifies key skills for training youth workers in personal branding through national investigations. The findings are used to develop educational materials and resources for youth workers and NEETs.

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3D medical background with male head with brain and DNA strands

What Everyone Should Know About Mirror Neurons

In a world where empathy is the key to connection, mirror neurons hold the secret to unlocking emotional intelligence. Explore the profound link between mirror neurons and empathy, and discover how understanding this connection can enhance your ability to connect with others on a deeper level. Journey with us as we delve into the fascinating realm of mirror neurons and the power they hold to shape our understanding of ourselves and others. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary exploration of empathy, connection, and emotional intelligence.

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