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Importance of Creativity and Resilience in entrepreneurship

Motivation: creative women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are becoming more common in today’s society. They strive, they learn, and they become better in their own way, in their own businesses, with their own values and ways of creating businesses mostly based on attracting community and selling not only their product but also giving care, love, and heartfelt passion for their job, the product they produce, and the people around them.

Recently, we have posted an interview and a podcast with two amazing women entrepreneurs. You can check out these videos on Efektas YouTube channel. Brigita and Menss were sharing their business and brand creation stories, and it sounded nothing like the “typical” business we could imagine. Their businesses are both very organised and still face competition, just like any other business, but they are different from many others because they have that little something: a drop of creativity, a drop of love, a drop of care, that other similar businesses lack. This kept me thinking about how people create small businesses that last.

From all women, business consultants and  entrepreneurs I have talked to, I figured, the starting point of creating business was an idea that was so huge, the people had inner pull to start businesses.  The other thing that motivated business women was a wish to unite community with similar ideas or to help them in a certain field and make it part of their wel-being. These reasons led women to be motivated and strong, to work hard, and to be creative in creating businesses that benefit the community.

What I find fascinating is that women entreprenuers mentioned before are passionate about their job and their job is heartfelt.


The question of how women entrepreneurs can be creative is not very hard to answer. The only criteria that matters is to follow your inner voice and be true to yourself and your values. To develop creativity and get more inspiration, you have a variety of free online courses as well as free or partly free platforms that are available. To mention a few: Udemy, Coursera, and OmTimes

Then, when you lose your inspiration, one of the best functioning methods is to change environment, to go someplace you like, where you feel good, spend at least some hours there, or, if possible, travel somewhere different. That helps you detach from daily routines, clear your mind, and get your brain to process different ways. Detaching and changing your environment usually helps to solve problems, get more creative, and get inspired. However, you can think of ways that inspire you and make you detach from routine and adapt them when you have an “inspiration crisis.”


As for resilience, as in life, so in business, the most resilient people are the ones who:
  1. Don‘t give up, even in difficult situations.
  2. Keep moving step-by-step.
  3. Plan and predict risks.
  4. Learn from your mistakes and make better decisions next time.
  5. Consult professionals.

What I mean by these bullet points above is that to be resilient, you have to be brave enough to move on and change your plan/plans when situations get complicated or you have any kind of issue in your business. All managers know that There are many variables when it comes to business. Anything can happen. However, the only STABLE thing we know is going to happen is that issues will arise. Said that, we can plan, predict risks and create Risk Mitigation Plans in order to prevent more issues in the future. That‘s where business plans come in handy; they help to plan and predict things in the long run.

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