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Digital Marketing Made Easy: Actionable Tips and Tricks to Kickstart Your Online Presence

Recent times showed that digital businesses are more adaptable to changing life and world  situations. Just like in colonial times, digital businesses survived just because they were  online and could benefit from not having a physical store but rather storage for their  products. 
Promotion, however, plays a crucial role in businesses online. It helps to be more visible and sell more to a wider variety of people, as soon as you have a good digital marketing plan (in other words, a marketing strategy). Digital marketing sounds fancy. However, in simple words, it means „advertising your  products online“ in such places as websites, social websites (Facebook, Instagram),  and e-mails, and, generally speaking, it is a plan of how to be more visible and  make your products more visible. 
Whoever is more visible, that company becomes more memorable and sticks in our  minds for a long time. Think of such companies as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s. Their  commercials have stuck to our minds, and we recognise them, even if we don‘t use  their products. Or, the biggest influencers are becoming famous and selling their products 
online. For that, you need a great advertising strategy, but as a beginner, you can‘t  know all the tricks of how to do it. 
First, there are different kinds of ways you can advertise your product and  your brand. You can:
  1. Take a video;
  2. Take a photo;
  3. Make a story on Instagram or Facebook;
  4. Make reels on Instagram;
  5. Use such platforms as Pinterest to advertise your product for free.
  6. Have your personal website or platform where you put photos, videos, and/or articles about the products you sell. 

#1 TIP

More platform ways of advertising you use with wider variety of people, more probability there is that you will attract and more products you will sell.

#2 TIP

Be more consistent with your content; in other words, it is better to put less content online every day. That helps make me more visible for different platform users. You can always use the story or reel options as a way to better advertise, no matter what kind of product you are selling. 

However, there are some simple beginner strategies that you can follow when  starting to advertise yourself. You need to ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  1. Who are the people I want to reach? Who are the people interested in the item I am 
  2. Where can you find the target groups online?
  3. What add-ons do you watch with pleasure? (e.g., „satisfying videos”)
  4. What are good practices in the advertising of other companies? (Biggest brands that stick in our minds, like Coca Cola, McDonalds, or the content of best known influencers)
  5. How can I apply personal experience and good practices together?
  6. Also, just to get feedback, you can ask your friends and family to watch your ads and give their opinions about them; you can then adjust your ads accordingly.
  7. What offers can I make to my clients? (e.g., 2 pieces for the price of 1 piece price)
Let‘s see a study case: You are selling differently shaped soaps, that are more part of interior design, than a hygiene item and you want to attract more clients, be more visible on Social Media. The main points to follow are the first two. Once you have identified them, the content (videos, photos, and what you write) is up to your creativity. Let‘s see how to identify the first two points:
  1. The group you want to reach due to your product (differently shaped soaps) are: artsy“ people who value aesthetics (because your soaps are  beautiful); interior design people (because your soaps are made as interior design details). – young people, curious to explore new products (the product is not typical) – women (they are curious about all points mentioned before: aesthetics, interior design, and new products).
  2. Where can you find these groups? Young people can be mostly reached on Instagram; women’s variety of channels include: Instagram, Facebook, Women Facebook Groups, arts platforms like ETSY, artists can be reached by – Etsy or Patrion, Pinterest, Local Communities Online, people interested in interior design – on design/artistic online platforms, like Pinterest.

All in all, we have a list of platforms to start with: Instagram, Facebook, Facebook  Groups, Etsy, Patrion, Pinterest, Local Communities Online. Check out how you can use your ads there. The easiest platforms for marketing yourself are Facebook and Instagram, as they don‘t require much knowledge; you can tell a story with a simple photo and a note about what the product is about. After exploring the study case, I hope you have gained inspiration and more clarity about how you can proceed with your business marketing once you start your business. 

Remember, to start advertising yourself, you don‘t need much money or to hire a specialist at first. And if you don‘t feel creative, you can always learn about marketing online through Youtube videos, Coursera, or Udemy platforms that offer great courses about it. Furthermore, double-check YOUGO Platform at; learning platforms and e-commerce platforms are being created and will be available by the end of August 2023.