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Press Release: EMO2C Project Meeting in Italy

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Project Meeting

On the 3rd and 4th of November, the EMO2C team met up in Roma for the Second Transnational Project Meeting in order to discuss the possible future strategies for the Self Evaluation Tool and were able to brainstorm the ideas and concepts for future cooperation. Igor Vitale International SRL, host of the meeting in Rome, will lead this phase of the project.

Project Results 2 – Distributions of the Skills

The second outcome of the project will focus on the basic elements of emotional intelligence and their personal evaluation from the teachers’ perspective. The key elements to be addressed have been assigned tasks as 2 skills per organization. Accordingly, the distribution of the topics to the countries is as follows;

INDEPCIE (SP) Assertive communication, Adaptability

DUTCH FOUNDATION W2W (NL): Self-regulation, Problem-solving

VAEV (AT): Conflict resolution, Controlling emotions

IGOR VITALE (IT): Honesty, Seeking positive attention

AKMI (GR): Listening to others, Negotiation

Efektas Group (LT): Accepting criticism, Creativity

EMO2C Project Meeting in Rome

Creation of the Self-Evaluation Tools

Igor Vitale, a psychologist and international speaker, said, “Teachers’ capacity to manage correctly emotion is determinant for the student’s success, to keep them engaged in the lectures and build their future career. In fact, negative emotions connected with the experience of being evaluated in schools could reduce their motivation to study.“

Indeed, the emotional intelligence of teachers plays a significant role in students’ lives also outside the school. Students at school are going through the process of growing up during which they are being very vulnerable. Hence, teachers should take into consideration not only the student’s academic achievements but also their emotional state at school. In order to do so, teachers should be aware of their own emotional intelligence. That is why now the EMO2C team is aiming at creating of a Self-Assessment tool for teachers.

The wonderful results are upcoming. Stay tuned!

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