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Meet Project “Raise Your Voice”

What is project about?

Have you ever tried to speak in front of people? There is a skill that you can develop for it and we call it public speaking.

Public speaking helps you improve your communication skills by focusing speaking ability. By using public speaking skills, you can connect with people in an effective way.

In this regard, we have the Raise Your Voice Erasmus+ project. RYW project is a KA2 strategic partnership in the field of adults regarding developing public speaking in the way of entrepreneurship. In this project, we help young adults to improve their public speaking skills to unlock their entrepreneurship potential.

Target groups and results of Raise Your Voice project

Our target groups are NEET, young adults, entrepreneurs and adult trainers.

In this project, we collaborate with 5 different organizations from Italy, Finland, and Germany. At the end of the project we will create;

  • Public Speaking Toolkit for Trainers
  • Public Speaking Guidebook
  • Public Speaking Web Platform
  • Multiplier Events

Our methodology will be non-formal learning methods to create online and offline educational tools. Our results will have the best practices of partner countries, non-formal learning activities for trainers and practical tips for adults to improve public speaking skills.

If you want to learn more about public speaking and develop your public speaking skills, we are ready to help you. To join in our project activities is totally free. We will update you about the activities on our social media channels. You can follow and keep in touch with us to hear more about the Raise your voice project.

Hope to see you in our activities,

Have a good day!