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YouWeen Learning Teaching Training Activity – Panekelpiai Village

YouWeen Project Team completed the 2nd LTTA in Kaunas, Lithuania. The training has been hosted by MB Efekto grupė. The project training addressed 19 young women in total consisting of 3 young women per partner country of the project. During the training, participants learned about women entrepreneurship and meet with successful women entrepreneurs from Lithuania. Also, they participated in activities in order to develop their entrepreneurship and creativity skills by involving green challenge activities.

On the 3rd day of the training, we organized a business visit to Panekelpiai Village (Lina’s Homestead) in order to see rural business practices and test the grassroots activities. Our activities were related to both women’s entrepreneurship and World Food Safety Day (WFSD). WFSD aims to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development. During our homestead visit, we encourage young women to experience more green activities.


At first, participants had a mini-homestead tour and the owner of the homestead Lina had a speech about her business, facilities, and the activity agenda. Then all participants started to involve in activities by splitting into teams.

1st Activity – Tasting Local Foods:

In this activity, participants tasted the local products and Lina asked questions about the ingredients and preperation styles of the teams.

2nd Activity – Agriculture Quiz:

In this activity, Lina asked questions about agriculture, crops, planting and harvesting by showing the real products from the farm.

3rd Activity – Rapeseed Oil Making:

In this activity, team members tried to produce oil by using oil making machine. Lina explained the waste management and benefits of using local products for sustainability.

4th Activity – Candle Making from Natural Honey wax:

In this activity, team members tried to make daily life tools by using natural materials.

5th Activity – Tractor Experience:

Participants entered the tractor to have an experience of what kind of vehicles are used in agriculture.

6th Activity – Toy Making:

In this activity, participants used natural products to make toys for different purposes. They used their creativity to shape the materials.

7th Activity – Food Drying:

In this activity, team members tried local and innovative methods of food drying and food packaging.

After the activities, participants analyze the training from the perspective of rural business and women entrepreneurship. According to our evaluation report, participants enjoyed and learned a lot during all activities. They improved their skills regarding entrepreneurship, rural business and green practices. Aside from that, participants stated that Lina Noreikaitė was a good example for them as an enthusiastic women entrepreneur who has energy, motivation and a kind personality. They noted that they liked the entrepreneurship journey and business solutions of Lina Noreikaite.

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