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The Most Important Social-Emotional Skills For Teaching

The strategies, methods or skills required from the teachers for teaching depend on the ages of the students as well as their social and physiological conditions. The skills you need in the primary school may not be required in the middle schools or the gymnasium or vice versa.

Firstly, as a teacher, regarding my experience adult students tend to seem less confident in language learning, and always face challenges until they find out their comfortable environment. I personally hold the view that the very duty of the teacher in adult training is to create a classroom environment which is quite warm and friendly. The classroom environment is one of the most important things to establish relationships between a teacher and the students.

Secondly, I suggest being careful while picking up the topics as the adult students appear to be more interested in the serious, advanced topics such as politics, religions, or the climate change etc. While choosing the topics, I always try to add topics to my discussion lists from the topics in which adult students are more interested. Otherwise, simple topics can confuse them, and lead them not to find anything to talk about. Here, a teacher must evaluate the socio-physiological factors of the adult students as well as their cultural points regarding the sensitivity.

Finally, body language is one of the most important skills that we have to have and also be careful with to avoid any further misunderstanding. Regarding the students’ age and their awareness of body language, during our speeches or making eye contact, we must somehow manage our neutrality not to cause any frustration or misunderstanding among the students. Being consistent with keeping the same, neutral, professional with the same body language for everyone is the most vital skill we have to acquire as a trainer or a teacher.

I am happy to contribute to the EMO2C project – Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills for Second Chance Education Students. EMO2C is an Erasmus+ funded VET (Vocational and Technical Education project that aims to strengthen emotional and social competencies. So that this personal empowerment serves as a basis for the development of technical and professional skills of the teachers and VET learners.

Mahammad Michael Hasanzade

Primary School English Teacher

Karalienes Morta School