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And What Next? Future Professional Paths For Volunteers


Do people work just for money? Also, do you want to live in a world where people are only concerned about money?

If not, how people can learn to do something useful just for the sake of core helping?

How can people acquire this mentality in their life in the long term?

Here is a one-word answer to all questions. Volunteering!

Volunteering means spending time and effort to contribute community or others people’s life values and improvements. To be more precise, volunteering activities happen without expectation and financial concerns do not be the main issue. Therefore, volunteers can work in a variety of fields such as sports, culture, social affairs, health, education, youth, the environment, development cooperation, and more.

Helping volunteers to get a job!

However, the lack of collaboration and information makes it especially difficult for young people to access and find the most suitable volunteering that will provide them with adequate tools to access the most competent way to the labor market. In addition, it is also difficult for companies and associations to find candidates with specific profiles. The NEXT project comes as a solution to overcome the problem of the lack of centralization of information and of a database where to obtain national employment opportunities by offering to create a stakeholders platform for both target groups.

What do we want to achieve through the NEXT Project;

– Promote volunteering as a tool to raise employment opportunities;

-Create tools, resources and synergies to ensure a network between all important actors of the labor market;

– Support the development and improvement of youth skills and competencies needed and requested in the current labor market;

– Equip youth practitioners and youth associations with the needed resources to guide youth volunteers towards employment and/or entrepreneurship.

Erasmus+ Project: 2021-1-PT02-KA220-YOU-000028889

How can you use volunteering as an opportunity?

Volunteering is one of the ways to optimize social cohesion, and sustainable integration into the labor market, through the creation of the necessary framework for acquiring specific skills and competencies. It prepares young people to face and adapt smoothly to the dynamic changes in the socio-economic environment. Besides, volunteering enables young people to acquire useful experience, skills and competencies for their personal, educational, social, civic & professional development, thereby improving their employability and active citizenship.

Through volunteering, young people will gain knowledge and skills, such as critical thinking, time management & organization, a sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship and they will learn both theoretical and practical matters on how to design a service or technological product with a social and community beneficial purpose. By doing that they will have the opportunity to develop their soft skills which we can call 21st-century skills. Young people will improve their intercultural competence and global awareness as well as flexibility, language and communication skills, as working in teams.

You can find our project’s brochure both English and Lithuanian versions below.



Wish you get benefits from volunteering as much as you can and good luck turning your volunteering experiences to get a job!

Stay tuned to our online platform to see the opportunities. We will announce it soon!

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