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How To Build A Case Study For Non-Formal Education Training Purposes?

Fake news and internet scams are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to recognize: while the online space is all but secure, it is us to our will to decide whether to become knowledgeable about risks and how to defend ourselves (and the others) or not, but remember: nobody will care about your e-safety more than yourself!

Efektas Group is currently implementing the Erasmus+ KA2- strategic partnership for youth project “Youth Against Fake Web (YAFW)”, which ambitiously aims to provide training for youth workers to pass internet security skills onto other youth workers and young people in their respective communities.

The partnership consortium is composed by the following organizations: 

  • Catalyst in Communities (UK, coordinating organization);
  • Union – National Council for Gender Equality (North Macedonia, partner organization);
  • Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie (Bulgaria, partner organization);
  • Efektas Group (Lithuania, partner organization). 

Project managers and future trainers met in Skopje for a three-days “train the trainers” session to build the foundations for the online training, which is planned to take place in May. 

The first day was devoted to identifying the wrong behaviors of internet users: by the end of the session, participants collected their impressions about how to know your sources in order not to contribute to the sharing of misinformation or disinformation materials. 

The activities carried out during the second and third day were delivered by Ph.D. Andrijana Bogdanovska, researcher and project manager at the Centre for Knowledge Management (North Macedonia). By proactively sharing their experiences, we definitely improved our understanding about the structure of a case study for non-formal educational purposes. Following this highly dense, yet rewarding LTTA, the project partners will discuss and design a case study template structure that will be used for the analysis of several case studies at the center of our training scheme. 

There is still time to register to the upcoming online training! If you are considering applying/ know someone who might be interested, do not wait any longer and submit your form through this link.

Once submitted, select the best slot option for you here.

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