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CulTech Meeting In Lithuania: Further Development

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On 28th of February – 1st of March Efektas Group had an honor to host transnational project meeting that took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. CulTech project management team have come together in order to discuss ongoing development of the project results and to focus on dissemination tasks.

About the project

Shortly, one could remind you that CulTech project is an Erasmus+ KA2 initiative that aims to assist cultural organizers and cultural sector employees in finding alternative means to create and deliver culture to the people. Consortium idea is to implement it through enhancement of various digital skills of cultural organizers and sector employees, as well as introducing and teaching design-thinking methodology as a foundation in finding new activities and outputs to carry out and spread cultural and creative activities. A multilevel training program has already been designed for the project target group.

The online learning platform (alongside with educational modules and a handbook) helps to the Consortium to reach more audience inside and outside of partner countries. Project team consist out of Estonia, Lithuania and Norway members. Estonian side is presented by BCS Koolitus and by Estonian Centre of Folk Culture. From Lithuania – Efektas Group is taking part in the project. Norway is represented by Prios AS enterprise. Additionally, as one of the outputs of the project, a blueprint for a completely new profession – a cultural technologist – will be created in Estonia with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Transnational project meeting in Lithuania

Therefore, having given facts and following previous CulTech meeting in the consideration, partners on the 28th of February have discussed how it is better to film educational material for videos (whether we create subtitles in English and descriptions in national languages or film everything in the national languages and then translating to English). First option out of this order was agreed upon. Consortium also has come up with an idea that usage of already existing Erasmus tools to check out on some of the best practices that showed up in the way of video teaching material.

Apart from aforementioned, some of the deadlines were set in order to make the work efficient and be more responsible on the further intermediary outcomes of the project implementation.

Second day of the project meeting was dedicated entirely to the dissemination activities of the project. Partners have agreed that a progress of the sharing project progress was in a way slow. There is a need to speed up some of the processes to enhance dissemination dimension. Consortium had decided to produce a Newsletter on the behalf of partnership every 6 months where also opportunities for project`s main target group will be published. Every partner will have to conduct a multiplier event in September-October of 2022 in order to demonstrate what was achieved within the project frame. Since it was mentioned that CulTech lacks visibility, all the communication regarding the project should be posted on the web-page and also on every Facebook page of every single partner.

Some of the fresh ideas were also brought to the table by the members of the Consortium (definition of the media literacy in the context of the war in Ukraine and). Additionally, impact of the digital technologies on the life of the immigrants in Lithuania (article) will be demonstrated soon.

Further plans and tasks

As Consortium has agreed, creation of the educational materials in the form of videos, presentations, masterclasses is of the primary importance nowadays. Since all the materials will be going to the educational platform from where ordinary cultural worker will be able to access the content and pass through the modules that will be located there. Apart from the educational materials every partner is responsible to work more with national grassroot organizations (museums, art-exhibitions, archives) that know the needs of the cultural workers very well.

Next offline meeting of the partners will take place in the beginning of May month in Estonia. The main objective will be to touch upon the progress with educational materials that Consortium has been successful to achieve. Stay with us and follow updates in order to be aware about the last