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Meet Project For Craft Women “You Go”!

Young Crafts Women Business Go Digital (YouGo) project is a project funded by Erasmus+, ( KA220-YOU-0147F09E). Together with partners we aim at promoting the upskilling in digital entrepreneurship of young women (18-30 years old) with basic craft skills or already involved in a creative business through the creation of an innovative cross- sectoral educational format comprising digital marketing and entrepreneural skills and the establishment of a dedicated e-commerce platform to promote and sell their products.

The consortium is led by Association Egeria Desarollo Social from Spain, and sees the participation of MV International from Italy, Impact Circle from Germany, ACPELIA from Cyprus and MB „Efekto Grupė“ from Lithuania.

Project objectives

1. Promote the acquisition of key competences and the up-skilling of women in digital marketing and entrepreneurship in order to improve their competitiveness and potential in creative business;
2. Empower craft women in the e-commerce field with the creation of a dedicated sales web platform;
3. Promoting self-entrepreneurship, economic independence and social inclusion of women in EU countries through the newly acquired digital competences.

Current development

Project consortium has started to work on the first phase of first intellectual output:
– Research about target group difficulties while starting business as a crafts woman has been made.
– Stakeholders, working with craftswomen have been found.
– National Reports about research results have been written by all partner countries.
– Leading Organization is creating a Consortium National Report.


– Facebook platform of the project has been created.
– Website of the project has been created
– Dissemination of the activities of the projects has been started.

For more information visit project website:

or facebook page
Young Crafts Woman Business Go Digital- YouGo