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KA2 project Fostering Youth Initiatives Through Social Entreprise Education – 2nd Transnational Meeting

Current pandemic period did not stop activities in our projects. June 9th Efektas Group together with partners from Spain (Inercia Digital), Italy (Itaka Training), UK (Kairos Europe), Bulgaria (Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development), Germany (WASLA) held online transnational meeting of Erasmus+ project “Fostering Youth Initiatives Through Social Entreprise Education” (funded by EU)  in order to discuss project-related issues and evaluate already achieved results.

Topics discussed

  1. Training in Berlin
    Each partner shared their feedback on the training in Berlin, in particular what they liked the most about the event, if it was useful and if there and if anything could be improved. It turns out everybody enjoyed the event and it was useful to learn about social entrepreneurship, as well as conduct conduct workshops and strengthen networks. The visits, that took place during sessions, were one of the most positive aspects of the event.
  2. Local activities
    Partners have been slowed down by the COVID-19 virus crisis, although, some partners have managed or are looking into organizing some activities online. 
  3. C2 activity in Spain
    It’s scheduled for 5-9 October, but due to the uncertainty surrounding travel across Europe, partners decided to wait until the end of July and then decide what to do. Regarding the contents of the activity, it’s been suggested to focus on topics that have become really relevant in the past few months, such as distant working and digital training. 
  4. Moodle
    The presentations from the training are now available online at It’s not necessary to have an account, anybody can access the contents via Guest Access. The presentations have been adapted using the same template for all of them, which will be shared with partners. The training course will be soon enriched with extra activities such as questionnaires for learners to test their knowledge and understanding of the topics.
  5. Dissemination
    Each partner will contribute to keeping the Facebook page active by posting relevant information about the project such as for example: evidence of local activities or articles of interest related to social entrepreneurship and young people. It’s been suggested that it would be interesting to learn about what is happening at the moment in each partner country with regards to how entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are currently copying with the COVID-19 virus situation and what initiatives they are taking.
  6. New ideas
    Partners discussed about the possibility to work together on a new proposal for the October deadline which would be a continuation of this project and address new issues such as distant work and digital entrepreneurship.

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