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KA2 Erasmus+ FSE Project – Training Course in Berlin

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From the 10th till the 14th of February of this Efektas Group members took part and conducted workshops in Erasmus+ KA2 project “Fostering Youth Initiatives Through Social Enterprise Education”  (2019-1-UK01-KA205-061356), which served as an opportunity to learn about social business in United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Spain.

Training course mobility was hosted by German partner Arabisch-Deutsches Center fur Dialog and thanks to contribution of all partners, event expanded each participants knowledge about social business establishment and gaining competences to solve problems. Event agenda involved workshops conducted by all partners, such as:

  • Best practices examples of social businesses on home country;
  • Idea of what precisely is social business and social entrepreneurship;
  • Modern approaches to innovation and inventing
  • How to identify market needs, target groups, stakeholders
  • How to develop vision, idea, mission and find solutions

Workshops were conducted by young and adult trainers and facilitators which provided space for discussions, exchange of best practices, concerns and future opportunities.

Moreover, mobility program was enriched with added-value study visits in local social businesses and events:

  • Startup Pitch Bootcamp – intensive, collaborative workshop featured talks by leading startup founders designed to help to understand the key ingredients of a successful pitch.
  • Fundraising in Germany: Landscape & Opportunity for Early-Stage Startups – event covered topics ranging from how to approach one’s investment round, to the differences in international investment schemes for start-ups;
  • Skype meeting with Earthlink company representative about business development, history, risk and challenges when running a business or social enterprise.

Thank to diverse group all participants were able to learn something new, share each one’s knowledge and expertise, network for future collaborations and to most of all, to discover local opportunities provided by Berlin and Germany.

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