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Career Perspective: Ways To Move Ahead In Pursuit Of Success And Happiness

The 21st century is quite tricky, challenging as well as an intriguing  period, isn’t it? Nowadays, we are being confronted with environmental issues, impact of “big policy factor” on agendas of most of the states (countries), all the possible forms of such phenomena are migration, terrorism and others.The World is developing with an unbelievable speed and the obligation of everyone is to catch this “train of changes” in order to respond to all the possible effects and be able to recognize difficulties, misfortunes and ways of handling  them.

On the other hand, most scientists believe that the most powerful thing of our time ( 21st century) is information and “who so ever is informed, possesses the world”. Information surrounds us and it is hard to argue that it does not have any effect on human’s decision-making processes and choices of life. One of such paradigms is a career/professional development. A tremendous number of people face this challenge after graduation from high school/ obtaining Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at higher educational institutions. And there go the Questions “What next?”, “Where shall I go?”, “How to get a decent income and a job that would satisfy me from different perspectives?” Let’s try to expatiate our thoughts on these issues and figure out some suggestions.

Career choice thinking

Actually, whilst raising such queries we have to think, at first, about career choice, in terms of where I can see myself, which direction is better to follow in order to unfold and realize my own capacity on maximum, thus this is or might seem to be the most challenging part. Many scientists and psychologists  truly believe that we have to attempt to choose a position according to our interest, curiosity, passion and intuition rather than due to professional qualities (but this factor is no less important to the ones aforementioned ). If a person is a mechanical engineer according to diploma, but he/she is running a successful business in production of his/her own brand of clothes why shouldn’t that person proceed with that? If he/she is driven by real beliefs, curiosity, goals, efficient intentions and by a number of other factors which accelerate this process. Hence, we are to be aware of all the chances that we get. (there are countless number of them around us – there is just a need to “wear out pink glasses”). In addition, it would be worth it if a person could try as much as possible; many activities in different areas of life with the aim of a clearer definition of his/her own needs and interests. We have to act and to accept mistakes when one is committed, otherwise, there is no chance to acquire this valuable experience and be more efficient in the future.

Cover letter – CV: borderline between formality and uncasuality

Another indispensable moment: writing of CV/ Cover letter/statement of interest for one position or the other. If we “google – how to write a CV/ a Cover letter”, there is a chance to find out thousands of articles, videos, recommendations regarding these documents. Today, most of the employers hire people taking into consideration different factors; starting from the country of birth (unfortunately) and onwards ending up with the personal interests, abilities to stress resistance (control), teamwork, flexibility, and other professional qualities. As such, we could potentially consider such fields like working experience, education, personal/professional competences, and language knowledge as basic ones for any CV.  Remember that there is no general sample of writing a CV or Cover letter. Truth should dominate primarily, and we always have to take into consideration the type of employer while applying for a certain position. In a less formal organization, our CV and Statement of interest should be created respectively with some notes of casual style. Always remember the major priority in such a delicate issue; If we would like to be hired by governmental institution, international organization, some other formal union, then, apparently, there should be a more official way of communication to be perceived in order to attract attention of the person who will be in charge of the hiring process. Usually, statement of interest or motivational letter shouldn’t exceed a 1 A4 page but again, it is only a common frame and it is incorrect to apply it to all possible cases.

Job interview: few advices to overwhelm an employer

Next significant (which might also be the most complex part) step is a job interview. Our further success will be depending on the abilities to illustrate all the possible strengths of the applicant, in order to persuade the employer that certainly you are the most suitable person for this type of position. In the same light, some simple advices will assist us better to handle this process and have less anxiety;

– Night before interview, have a proper sleep (no need to worry beforehand on something that has not happened yet).
– Have a shower and some meal in the morning in order to be able to perform properly.
– Keep calm, be patient, be yourself, remember that it is just an interview and nobody is going to abuse/punch you for a wrong answer or critical questioning.

Ethics pillar

Apparently, those professional skills and ethics also means a lot in this kind of situation. Here, we are coming up with the same rule; a need to keep in mind the type of job position/internship, which you are applying for. This will lead to the situation where we have to be more formal/serious or whether it will permit room for slight and accurate jokes in order to ease tension and create a calm atmosphere for the conversation. Your ethics matters and your behavioral manners are of utmost importance.


To conclude all the above mentioned, it is always necessary to keep in mind that every individual is unique in the way of communication, all situations are different and there is no stable pattern how we should behave ourselves in one situation or the other. The same situation with writing/creating of CVs and Motivation letters. We cannot apply the same text and rules to all the potential employers. Thus, it is vital to act according to the circumstances (situations), try to complete tasks in a best way and always pursue certain goals. Critical thinking, professional skills, patience, diligence will only accelerate our path to professional success and happiness. Be yourself in any situation, drive on your own, be truthful, believe and one day doors will open for that long-expected realization and the unfolding of our capacity.

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