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Why We Love Working Virtually (and You Should Too!)

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Is your working place open to virtual workers? Would you rather work in an office or virtually?

Working virtually is the future of the world. With applications like Zoom and Slack you can work from anywhere in the world and attend meetings virtually. Think of all those meeting that were cancelled because some people were absent and that could have been avoided by meeting virtually.

Usually when you get a job it means you have a strict schedule, that defines how many hours a day you work and how many days per week. This can make you bored, demotivated you and does not give you flexibility in cases of emergencies or simply follow your own individual performance pace.

Pros and cons

Working virtually, however, cancels out the strictness of your schedule and gives you opportunity to be spontaneous. It makes you like and appreciate the job more because you are doing it on your own terms. You don’t have to wake up early (unless you like it) to get to work and then sit at a desk for hours. You can do more passion-driven projects or work another job to earn more money. While working virtually, you can choose when, where and how you work (as long as results are delivered on time).

What it takes to be good virtual worker?

To be a good virtual worker, you need to be organized and create rules or outline of how to work so you can minimize your working hours and enjoy all the benefits. You must be able manage your time wisely and have good communication skills so you can communicate with the supervisor or client clearly without any misunderstandings. A startup named meta, has created an augmented reality (AR) headset that gives you ability to move virtual objects and place it in a familiar environment. It places virtual objects on what is already there and it is familiar and easy to use. They believe that the office of the future has no computers, desks and chairs and we will be using headsets that project holographic images in less than a decade. It makes work more natural, efficient and faster than ever before.

Personally, as a student working virtually reduces the stress of how most jobs require 24h/week and gives me the opportunity to gain experience in my area of interest and helps me understand how to navigate the work environment. The whole idea of working 8-4 is overrated because at the end of the day it’s about getting the job done. I am looking forward to the day I get to experience an augmented reality headset.

Technology has given workers the ability to work anywhere in the world and it has given companies the opportunity to maximize their impact in the world and get work done by different people around the world.

Would you like to work virtually when given the opportunity? Leave a comment down below!

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.

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