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How to fight stress?

Stress is an integral part of a person’s life and accompanies him from the cradle to the last breath.

However, wondering where the stress comes from, not many are able to answer something intelligible.

Although, in fact, everything is simple.

Stress is a surge of accumulated negative emotions!

For example: yesterday you got scolded, you got a chronic fatigue syndrome from work, today you pierced the wheel, tomorrow you learned about the betrayal of your husband and everything – you are torn to pieces and all problems seem insoluble, and life is a gray and dull thing!

If you are once again experiencing stress, it’s time, finally, to think about how you can fight stress?

Tip 1. Change the attitude to the situation – this will help to overcome stress

It won’t surprise you, if we say that all the stresses arise because of the wrong attitude to the situation.

But you have absolutely nothing to do with it.

In this case, the guilt lies mainly on the environment.

For example, your daughter likes to play with soldiers instead of dolls.

Compassionate girlfriends and neighbors immediately begin to repeat that this is not good, etc.

In the end, you start thinking about it, pushing the situation and driving yourself into a stressful situation.

Or here’s another example: a few years ago Eric was in Italy just during the eruption of a volcano with a hard-to-pronounce name.

As a result, when it was time to fly away, all flights were delayed for 12 hours and more than 90% of all tourists swore, threatened, demanded to send them home, etc.

But did this cursing help them somehow improve the situation?

Of course not!

But these people received a charge of negative emotions, aged for several years and lost some of their nerve cells.

While Eric enjoyed an extra day in this wonderful country and visited the sights, to which initially he did not have enough time.

For many centuries, the wisest people say: “If you can not change the situation, change your attitude towards it!”

Why should you be nervous again because of a situation that you can not change?

That’s why right from today you need to learn to look at things from a different angle, do not take someone else’s (and your own) problems to heart, develop positive thinking!

Tip 2. If you can change the situation – change it, this will help you to take away stress

Very often, the cause of stress is low wages, a bad boss, a quarrelsome colleague, etc. In such situations, we complain, weep, but we do not leave work.


Tell us, dear readers, why do not you leave with a bad job?

Are you afraid to lose the salary?

What are you so afraid of?

Frankly – most of these fears are contrived and just ridiculous.

Afraid not to find a job? And who prevents you to find a new place of work first, and only then leave the old one?

Are you afraid to lose the salary? Do not settle for a low-paid job !

Know that stress resistance is not to endure the boss of the tyrant, but to create a better option for the development of further events under stressful conditions.

Tip 3. To deal with stress – release steam

Believe us, you will not be able to relieve stress if you keep all the emotions in yourself.

Sooner or later you will break and it will only get worse.

Knowing this feature of the person, the advanced western companies have equipped for the employees of a premise for splashing out the collected emotions.

Employees pound a pear with the image of the boss, throw darts at harmful customers, etc.

Do what you need to do, unless it hurts others of course 🙂 Try to relax and don’t over-think everything!

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