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How to find inspiration?

7 tricks to keep inspiration mode on:

1. Feel the desire for accomplishment

Even when you are tired under the yoke of circumstances, find something that inspires you. When you feel that you are ready for new achievements, energy and inspiration will quickly return. How to find inspiration? Look for its sources! It can be a new hobby: music, sports, needlework, theater or cinema. The main thing is, do not give up, do not arrange for yourself completely “pajama” days with cocoa under the blanket for viewing the series. After such holiday it is very difficult to enter the working regime, and there is simply nowhere to catch inspiration in such situation.

2. Improve your life

Even small, but pleasant changes in other aspects of life can be important. For example, a conditioner for linen with a wonderful scent, a new house or bedding for a pet, a set of cutlery, ennobling your kitchen, and at least a new hairstyle! Do not forget to please yourself even on gray days. Instead of cooking dinner, try once a week to order food at home. This will save you a couple of hours of free time or sleep and delivers an exquisite gastronomic pleasure. Do not rejoice yourself only on holidays. Begin to simplify your life, the first that will allow you to find inspiration.

3. Have fun

Boost your enthusiasm and give yourself strength by making a list of things that you enjoy, and planning some of them for the next week or month.

4. Set a goal for yourself

And it is not so important what it will concern – work, home, family or self-improvement, the main thing is that it makes you give your best. Find out what it will require of you: study the information about those who have already achieved what you want, and what personal qualities they have helped in this. Spread the goal into the steps necessary to achieve it! Helping yourself is simple. Even a big journey needs to start with the first step: do not be afraid to start. Be consistent in actions and do not jump above your head. Achieving a great goal is a difficult task that requires a lot of time, patience and strength. In this matter, the motivation of your actions is extremely important.

5. Set the time to achieve the goal

If you allocate a certain amount of time each week to work on a project, this will allow you to start organizing your other activities around it. Try to distinguish between working and non-working time. For example, forget about working on the weekend. Have a rest on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, abstracting from work for a couple of days, will allow you to work faster and better later. Give yourself a clear time period in which you will work, without being distracted by other matters. Disable the maximum of all gadgets and notifications on your smartphone, so that nothing distracts you in business time.

6. Be creative

If you decide to brainstorm, bring the number of ideas received to 10 instead of 5-6. Maybe some of them will not be as good as others, but it will help find new ways to achieve the goal and start thinking in a new way. Or visit themed workshops and courses where you can learn a lot of new things that will give you inspiration for months.

7. Evaluate your achievements

Evaluate your achievements, comparing with previous work, and not trying to “compete” with others. Always imagine how far you’ve gone. Document it in one way or another, whether it’s a diary, notes on the monitor, or even photos on the refrigerator door. Faith in success allows you to reach real heights in solving complex problems.


Remember everything is possible and it’s never too late. Treat, enjoy and love yourself, and inspiration will never leave you!

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