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Public speech tips: Speak like a King

To instantly fascinate the audience, you need years of practice, but nothing stops you from gradually mastering public speech skills. We will tell about what it is worth to include in your speech, and what is better to avoid.

1. Always give a clear guide to action
No matter how inspirational your public speech is, any audience will prefer to learn something immediately, in order to immediately apply new knowledge in their life.Inspiration is fine, but the application of your material has greater importance.

So do not be afraid to say: “Today think about the material, and tomorrow do this and that.”

2. Do not postpone the answers to audience questions.
If the question arose in the middle of your presentation, it’s great: it means that someone is listening to you. Use this opportunity. If you answered the question in the previous slide, go back.

The best presentation is perceived as a discussion, so never miss the opportunity to interact with the audience.

3. Ask questions that you do not know the answer to
When you ask questions to involve people in the discussion, it can be felt as coercion. Instead, ask a question that the audience does not know the answer to, and then say that you do not know it yourself.

The fact that you do not know, but want to know the answer, not only makes you more simple and human in the eyes of the public, but also makes people listen more carefully to what you tell.

4. Fill your mental motor
The amino acid tyrosine, which is contained in the protein, improves cognitive abilities during stress and improves mood. So before the public speech, include foods rich in protein in your diet.

And eat in advance. When you are nervous, food is the last thing you think about.

5. Burn a little cortisol
When you are worried, your adrenals produce cortisol. This hormone limits your creativity and the ability to work with complex information.

When you are attacked by cortisol, it is almost impossible to read or react to what is happening to the audience.

A simple way to reduce the amount of cortisol is exercise. Exercise on the street before you go to work, take a stroll at lunch time or go to the gym just before the public speech.


Apply all these hacks and soon you will become the King of the Speech! Meanwhile we suggest you to watch a great movie “The King’s speech” (game of the words, we know) and see that even royals have their problems.

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