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Creative Thinking: What It Is And How To Train It?

Creative thinking is the ability to create something new, deviating from patterns and generally accepted schemes. With the help of creative thinking new ideas, schemes of actions, objects and many other things appear. Thanks to such thinking, a person can easily find a way out of a difficult situation or at the right time to outwit an opponent in business. Therefore, the development of creativity is an important point for people who want to become successful.

Developing creative thinking can be part of your daily routine, without spending additional time on this process.

The main ways by which you can raise the level of creative thinking in everyday life are:

  • Reading signs from the end to the beginning, which is sometimes quite fun, because the results can get always vary;
  • When reading a book, try reading the sentences from the bottom of the page to the top, so, the actions will occur in reverse order;
  • In a free minute, you can invent a variety of names, by combining completely random letters;
  • The development of creative thinking is affected by drawing, especially any non-existent things, creatures;
  • While no one sees, you can write with your left hand (or right if you are left-handed), and especially fearless ones can try writing even with their feet;
  • Also, you can take any word and present it as an abbreviation, which you then need to decipher;
  • Every object of everyday life can be invented for non-standard use;
  • You can also add one item to another, trying to achieve improvement.

Performing these simple and seemingly pointless things, you will learn to see non-standard solutions for a given situation, and also generate ideas by combining incompatible, thereby developing creative thinking. Meanwhile you can pass the quiz to test your level of creativity.

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