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Top 5 tips for Erasmus students

Congratulations, Erasmus will become part of your life that can possibly be the most fun one! Sounds great, isn’t it?

However, as every new experience, this might be quite terrifying first but don’t worry we know how to solve it!



 We have prepared top 5 tips for you to have a great experience with Erasmus program:

  • Planning and organization
  • Home Comforts
  • Friends
  • Finding things to do
  • Stop comparing

Planning and organization

Erasmus paperwork can build up very quickly and not be keeping on top of it can mean a lot of last minute stress, panic-searching for long lost forms and problems with your application. Working out what you need to do beforehand is very useful so you don’t find yourself all stressed out not knowing how to cope with all of this information.

Home Comforts

From something as small as an old photo of your cat or as much as a collage of your family and friends, homely touches will help your room feel far less boring and will help keep homesickness away! Bringing over a few of your favorite treats or having them sent over brings a huge amount of comfort.     


Don’t hide away in your room, especially in the first few weeks when people are finding their connections. You will have some of the best experiences and nights out of your life with the weird and wonderful people you meet on Erasmus!

Finding things to do

Of course, you are there to study but your time abroad will be filled with far more memories if you join a few experiences! Travel, join a sports club and/or attend as many cultural events in your area as possible and before you know it, you’ll have day trips, festivals and mad weekends to talk about until you’re grey and old.

Stop Comparing

Embrace the things your host country does do well and accept the way the people are; you might learn something and if anything, this philosophy will make you into a much more patient person.


So here we have it, use these tips, enjoy your student life and if you need some extra information Efektas group is always here to help!

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