Training Courses

Building A Strong Team

Enormous amount of time and energy is wasted during the discussions and arguments in the meetings and during the unnecessary conflicts. Moreover, constant pressure to provide results causes stress which, eventually, transforms into conflict. In order to avoid such loses and to have smooth and positive inner climate in the organization, this course participants will learn to notice problem roots and how to resolve before it becomes apparent and reinless.

Stress Can Be Managed

Every person in the world knows and has experienced stress. Some of us experience it more often than the others. However, we also notice, that some people are “gifted” and manage their emotions better than others leaving you with a question “how?”. If you ever had this question or you wish to finally harness your inner storms which often cause you stress, this training course will give you necessary tools and teach hot to use them.

Persuasion Masterclass

Neurolinguistic-programing (NLP) communication patterns and techniques are best known and most used to influence or persuade people. Application of NLP methods so universal that it is used in seduction , business , therapy and personal development. This masterclass is all about how to be aware and use persuasion properly, professional and not be used by it. If you ever considered trying something really unique and mind-blowing in your work  – this is exactly what you should sign up for.

Creative Thinking

Nowadays, creativity is considered one of the most demanded skills among all. It is useful creating and developing new products, solving problems, optimizing manufacturing processes, searching for new markets and  in many other areas including every-day situations and even relationships. To attain and foster creativity are millions methods which are easily accessible. However, only experts can teach principles which allow you to find Your own path to creativity.

Complete Public Speaking Course

Public speaking fear is bigger than fear for death. Many people starting from lowest level workers up to top business leaders prefer to be part of the audience, rather than one of the speakers. Luckily this fear and other uncertainties, e. g. engagement, persuasion, performance, can be managed with the right knowledge, some practice and enough preparation. Not everyone is meant to be world-wide speaker, but can help You to increase your chances drastically

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